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Purchase (Beschaffung) in China

froMOS is an German Service-Partner for European enterprises of metalworking industry. Especially for automotive sub-contractors froMOS can give a helping hand in any field of the purchasing process in China and Europe. Next to the technical support for all questions in case of the organization of an successful delivery from China froMOS is partner for [weiterlesen…]

froMOS Communication Center

Manufacturing in metal working industry China Import / Export China CRM Software Solutions Services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web-Applikationen, CMS, Typo3, WordPress, Contao, Magento, Veyton Renting in Taucha (Office and Business) froMOS Communication Center – Description froMOS Communication Center is the official english Weblog of froMOS GmbH from Taucha near Leipzig (Germany). This Weblog looks at all interesting aspects related to our work, but it will [weiterlesen…]