froMOS Beschaffung in China - Beschaffungsdienstleistungen
froMOS is an German Service-Partner for European enterprises of metalworking industry. Especially for automotive sub-contractors froMOS can give a helping hand in any field of the purchasing process in China and Europe.
Next to the technical support for all questions in case of the organization of an successful delivery from China froMOS is partner for the European purchase.
You will find additional information in German in the following article: Chefsache der Automobilzulieferindustrie: Beschaffung in China

froMOS China - sub-contracting supply services

froMOS Communication Center – Description

froMOS Communication Center is the official english Weblog of froMOS GmbH from Taucha near Leipzig (Germany).

This Weblog looks at all interesting aspects related to our work, but it will also involve regional issues that are dear to our hearts.<!–more–>

Since 1994 froMOS is  some protected trademark, official connected to the above named fields.
The small letters „fro“ stand for Jens Froherz, who founded the company froMOS.
MOS“ means Marketing Organization Systems.
You will find additional information on this link: froMOS Enzyklopädie
In the Internet you will find hints, that the name froMOS is also used by other organizations. These are copycats in the name of froMOS, missusing this name.

As Service Provider for sub-contracting in the metalworking industry froMOS is specialized for cooperation with Chinese enterprises. Today China is one of the significant factors in the development of  global business. In this case a lot of interessting things are happen, that we like to discuss with a brought range of our public readers .

In the second main business area of  froMOS GmbH software is the central point.

All themes round about the World Wide Web belong to our interests. Starting with  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we deal with Content Management Systems, like Typo3, Contao (Typolight) or also that for this Blog used system WordPress. We create for you special Shop-Solutions and we give also support, if you need specific applications.

In the field of  software solutions for enterprise organization froMOS long standing experiences CRM Solutions. As Microsoft Certified Partner we support you in all cases round about Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Especially while developing software, one finds it again and again, that interesting issues happen, that may be also able to interest other people in the world.

All this themes we like to discuss here.

We look forward to a lively discussion and we are grateful for any feedback seriously meant.