froMOS Cooperation China – About Us


froMOS supports you as a European company in the metalworking industry if you want to implement supply options in China without having to go on site yourself and do this without your own financial risk.

Quality is our yardstick

We are a small team in Germany, with strong partners in China, in all important areas of the metalworking industry.

Jens Froherz

froMOS CEO, shareholder

IT at heart, because progress makes the world better.

Dr.Ing.Dr.oec Bernd Froherz

froMOS shareholder

Many years of technical experience and competence in mechanical engineering.

Lin Sheng

Hangzhou China

Interface, Contact and Contractpartner in China.

We pave your way to China

froMOS GmbH sees itself as a global sourcing partner for European companies that want to develop activities in China.
We offer delivery options for individual metal parts in all important manufacturing processes of the metalworking industry.


1. Organization

We take care of all organizational matters relating to your deliveries from China. We monitor the delivery processes, support you with questions about payment processing and are all other things your direct contact.


2. Technic

The most important prerequisite for a quality delivery from China is an understanding of all technical requirements, parameters and measurement methods. froMOS supports all processes so that these parameters can also be implemented correctly by our Chinese suppliers. All necessary coordination is organized by froMOS, if necessary also in direct contact at your site.


3. Marketing

We create the conditions for you to be able to find us well, and we always use the most modern communication options.

froMOS is your partner in Europe

froMOS has entered into contractual cooperation relationships with various Chinese companies over the years and can also support your company if you intend to have parts manufactured in the metalworking industry China in support of your production.
We mediate contract manufacturing and part manufacturing of drawing parts to our cooperation partners in China and thus help European industrial companies to optimize their own purchasing conditions by giving them direct access to the concentrated power of the Chinese economy.