Precision Powder Metal Form Parts from China

Individal powder (sinter) metal parts according customer drawings from the Chinese Market leader NBTM NEW MATERIALS GROUP Co., Ltd.


Industrial and Automotive Applications

precision auotomotive sinter metal form  parts
trending_up Automotive and Motorcycles

VCT/VVT and other sinter metal parts

  • VCT/VVT housing
  • VCT/VVT rotor
  • stator winding machine
  • sprockets
  • oil pump
  • transmission sprocket/gear
  • planetary gear
  • clutch disk
  • auto shock absorber
  • auto quattro
  • auto braking
  • steering gear
  • parts for electrical vehicles

new energy sinter metal form parts
trending_up Industrial

New energy application sinter parts

  • sintered parts for solar panels
  • charging pile parts
  • parts for UPS
  • perforated plates
  • rotors
  • stators
  • camshafts
  • soft magnetic materials components
  • sintered structural parts
  • sintered special parts
  • sintered flanges
  • engine balance gear plates

home apllication and other sinter metal form parts
trending_up Home applications

home applications and other sinter products

  • sintered refrigerator part
  • sinter metal compressor parts
  • air codition parts
  • sintered pump parts
  • sector gears
  • internal and external rings
  • gears and double gears
  • synchronizer
  • Transmission gears
  • flat slides
  • gears and other mechanical engineering parts
  • sintered transmission reducers

NBTM New Materials Sinter Metal Parts Supplier China
Sinter Metal Form part Supplier, Ningbo China




NBTM New Materials Group Co., Ltd. is the first listed company (PS code: 600114) mainly for powder metal structural components manufacturing in China market.

In the field of powder metallurgy industry NBTM has a market leading position in China the recent years.

The focus of the production lies in the manufaction process of powder metallic structural parts and light magnetic parts.

For the automotive industry, NBTM produces all relevant parts for engines, chassis and transmission systems.

Components from soft magnetic materials are often used in pure electric vehicles, charging piles, solar energy system, UPS, white goods and other applications.

NBTM has sixty years experience for powder metal production and owns sophisticated technological package and facilities from all over the world.

NBTM owns over 50 invention patents, up to 150 utility model patents and design patents.

NBTM has established Research institutions such as the "National Enterprise Technical Center", "China National Laboratory Accreditation", "Post-doctoral Research center" and "Zhejiang NBTM New Materials Powder Metal Research Institute (Key Institute at the provincial level)".

Powder metal cnc press workshop
CNC Press Workshop

1600-8000kN CNC Press machines for high precision parts

CNC-controlled powder metal press technology allows special shapes with the highest material properties with optimal density distribution

powder metal and sintering process automation
powder metal process automation

Robot-based feeder for powder metal processes

Speed, maximum precision and maximum cleanliness also play an important role in powder metallurgical processes and are also solved with robot-based automation.

VCT VVT Part green machining powder metal
Green machining workshop

VVT and VCT part with green machining process

In so-called "green machining", a pressed sintered metal blank is already CNC finished before the final sintering process

powder metal measurement equipment
powder metal quality control

Proof of highest accuracy in the powder metal processes

In order to guarantee the highest quality standards in the automotive industry, quality controls are implemented in individual cases with 200% control

Powder metal tooling making workshop
Tooling manufacturing workshop

CNC EDM and machine center as well as high speed milling

Tool making is at the heart of powder metal processes, because here it is already determined which accuracies can be implemented.

sintering equipment furnaces
heat treatment equipments

inductive hardening furnaces and quenching ponds

Compliance with tolerances in the sintering process requires extensive experience in heat treatment processes.


powder metal structural components manufacturing - benefits for automotive and new energy industries

Powder metal structural components manufacturing is a timesaving process to manufacture lightweight parts.Weight savings are very important in the automotive and new energy industries

By powder compaction and sintering improvements can be achieved that are based on a tailored alloy composition. CNC controlled powder metal processes help to reach an always better mass distribution and a optimal flow of powder material in press processes.

Powder metal technology is a very good process solution for automotive parts, bicycle and motorcycle parts as well as parts of other industries as new energy.

Inside the powder metal structural components manufacturing process metal powder raw material is pressed with specific CNC controlled parameters with final sizing and head treatment processes to reach any target form inside special manufactured toolings.

The quality of sintering toolings determines the degree of the part properties that can be achieved by pressing without CNC post-processing

For example automotive VCT/VVT will be produced by new technologies called "green production", that pressed raw parts will be manufactured in clean production environments areas before sintering.

In this way geometrically complex parts can be manufactured by powder metal technology technology, that remain very good mechanical properties and have tight tolerances.

In the recent years new high quality clean powder metal alloys have been developed, which additionally supports this fact. These materials have an high degree of cleanliness, the chemistry is uniform and additives will be carefully selected

Today the quality of sintered powder metal parts is almost near the final product geometry and near-surface conditiions and finishing. CNC machining operations can often be reduced. CNC press technology enable more complex shapes and CNC finishing primarily concern grinding processes.

With its experience in the field of powder metal production, NBTM would like to offer its customers the greatest possible added value through state-of-the-art processes that also implement new geometries and are implemented on the basis of new materials.