Aluminium and Steel Forging Parts from China

Individual precision Aluminium and steel forgings according to customers drawings with drop forging technology


Aluminium and steel drop forging applications

Auotomotive Al- forging parts
trending_up Automotive

Al- Forgings for automotive applications

  • connection rods
  • brake housings
  • heat exchangers
  • suspension components
  • wirings
  • bumper beams
  • airbag housings
  • wheels
  • trims
  • body structures, body skin sheets
  • drive shafts
  • belly fixing housings

aeronautical Al-forging parts
trending_up Aeronautical Al-Forging Parts

Al forging parts for airplanes, airshuttles and trains

  • cross-rolled sheets & plates
  • sections
  • sealing sections
  • turbine rings
  • laser-welded titanium fastener rails
  • bearing rings
  • fuselage structural parts
  • rotor blade components for helicopters
  • thin coatings
  • wing boxes

safety hardware steel forgings
trending_up Steel forgings

Safety hardware (Clasps and hooks)

  • safety hooks
  • connecting eyelets
  • clamps
  • Locks and bolts
  • roop hooks
  • closures and lockers
  • fasteners and clasps
  • stoppers and catches
  • lower receiver

pump and valve forgings
trending_up Aluminium and Steel forgings

forging parts for pumps and valves

  • pump bodies
  • valve body
  • pipe connectors
  • filter funnel
  • spare parts
  • filter holder
  • pressure washers

knitting-sewing-machine-forgings-steel and Aluminium
trending_up knitting-machine-forgings

Steel and Aluminium forging parts for knitting machines

  • warp knitting machine parts
  • flap actuators
  • center bulkheads
  • jam bulkheads
  • support spars
  • forged beams
  • wrap knitting beams

trending_up sewing machine and other parts

Aluminium and steel forged parts for sewing machines and other part applications

  • Aluminium bobbins
  • Thread guides
  • gears, foot gears,hook gears
  • presser feets
  • drive shafts
  • forged covers
  • forged shafts
  • feed bars, needle bars
  • needle bar connecting links

forging parts for bicycles and motorcycles
trending_up forgings for Two-wheeled vehicles

Al- forging parts for bicycles and motorcycles

  • triple trees
  • frame parts
  • brake parts, cable break, rim break, rear break
  • break levers
  • crank sets, eccentrics
  • Gear shift folding lever
  • clamps
  • forged kick starters
  • pedal parts

trending_up Balanceable dual wheel scooter parts

Aluminium and steel forging parts for balanceable scooters

  • crankshafts
  • transmission wheels
  • fork trolley
  • electric scooter rims
  • brake levers
  • Aluminium seatposts
  • skateboard axles, trucks and hangers
  • shock absorbers

forged parts for tools
trending_up forged parts for tools

Aluminium and steel forged parts for tools such as handles, brackets, spacers, connectors

  • handles, grips
  • holding clips, clasp
  • casings, housings,boxes
  • rods, rails, sticks
  • connecting parts
  • eyes and rings

Aluminium forging parts percentage distribution
Forging technology

Percentage Distribution - Technology Fields

Aluminium Forging Workshop
Aluminium Forging

Workshop with presses and Aluminium forging machines

Head Treatment center of Forging workshop
Head Treatment Center

Head treatment center of aluminium and steel forging workshop


Forged aluminium parts - benefits for automotive and aeronautics industries

Forging is a timesaving process to manufacture lightweight parts.Weight savings are very important in the automotive and aerospace industries

To reach a good performance and safety together with the light weight of parts brings more energy efficiency and therefore parts from forged aluminium bring ideal conditions.

Forging aluminium is a very good process solution for automotive parts, bicycle and motorcycle parts as well as parts of aeronautics.

Inside the forging process aluminium raw material is headed and sueezed to reach any target form inside special manufactured toolings.

The quality of forging toolings determines the degree of the part properties that can be achieved by forging without CNC post-processing

For example automotive suspension parts would be commenly manufactured by closed die hot forging technology.

In this way geometrically complex parts can be manufactured by al-forging technology, that remain very good mechanical properties and have tight tolerances.

In the recent years new high quality aluminium material have been developed, which additionally supports this fact.

Today the surface quality of ingots is almost near the final product and finishing CNC machining operations can often be reduced.

Over the years the forging technology itself is constantly being optimized, that one tries to eliminate frictions by minimizing pressure in the forging process. In addition, an accumulation of foreign objects in the surface can be minimized as so called inverse segregation zone. Segregation elements will be minimzed.